Mid Term Inspection

What does a mid-term inspection entail?

A Mid-Term Inspection; also known as an ‘interim report’ is a document produced showing the condition of the rented property in the middle (or at a point) of the tenancy.
The report is a smaller version of an inventory report – it is useful to:
  1. Check for any mould/ damp
  2. View the condition of the property as a whole
  3. Look for any signs of subletting
  4. Check for maintenance work that may need carrying out
  5. Rubbish/refuse build-up which may encourage vermin
  6. Working order of any smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms
  7. Look for any signs of pets/ smoking
The mid tenancy report is a great way to build relationships with the tenants by rectifying any major issues and to also check that the property is being treated in a satisfactory manner.

Click to view example Inventory Report