Inventory & Check In

What does an inventory check-in report entail?

A inventory report is a document that lists the contents, fixtures and fittings of a property. The 'check-in' process is a formality in which the inventory clerk runs through all the finer details with the tenant. This will include meter readings, their rights as tenants, information on the time they have to report any issues, information of their allocated parking slot (if applicable), information regarding bin collection day, lastly answering any questions they may have before the official handover of keys.

Why get an inventory?

  • Peace of mind
  • Prevention of damage to property/ unjust deductions to deposits
  • Unbiased; third party intervention
  • Prevent disputes between landlord and tenant(s)


Districts covered


In-house staff


days a week

Check In Report –

This is an unbiased and in-depth written report (with photographic evidence) which is used to record the condition and contents of a property before a tenant ‘checks-in’ to a rented property. A schedule of condition is also created; which is a questionnaire noting the condition of the property as a whole. Electric and gas meter readings are taken during the inspection if applicable. To finalise the check-in a hand over of keys would be conducted in the presence of the independent clerk.