Commercial Inventory

Looking for a commercial inventory report?

A commercial inventory report is required when a premises is being let, sold or modified. Our professionals are trained to pay special attention to detail throughout the entire process. This means all contents will be recorded, along with the fittings and fixtures of the building if required. A report on the condition of a building are often required in connection with commercial leases. As a owner a commercial inventory report protects you with evidence if there were to be any damage to your site. As a tenant a commercial inventory report protects you from unjust deductions to your deposit. You will not be held liability for damage caused prior to your tenancy.

Having an accredited third party company is imperative if one gets into a dispute. This way the facts of the matter can not be compromised in a court of law as we deliver an unbiased and factual report to protect both parties.

We have specialist inspectors for offices, warehouses, garages, shops, restaurant, storage lock ups, shisha lounges and more


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