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Check In Report –

This is an unbiased and in-depth written report (with photographic evidence) which is used to record the condition and contents of a property before a tenant ‘checks-in’ to a rented property. A schedule of condition is also created; which is a questionnaire noting the condition of the property as a whole. Electric and gas meter readings are taken during the inspection if applicable. To finalise the check-in a hand over of keys would be conducted in the presence of the independent clerk.

Interim Report –

This is a shorter and less detailed report that is usually conducted midway through a tenancy. The main objective of the report is to record the upkeep of a property and inform the landlord of any maintenance issues that may need to be dealt with. This could be anything from damages from tenants, to simple mould on the walls.

Check Out Report –

At the end of a tenancy our inventory clerk would then revisit the property to conduct the ‘check-out’ inventory report. The original check-in report would be used as a cross-reference noting down any changes/ defects made during the rented period; if any. New pictures will be taken and the meter readings would be recorded to determine the exact amount of gas/ electricity used by the tenant. Putting a halt to any disagreement in regards to utility bill charges.

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Example Inventory Report 1
Example Inventory Report 2